A unique selling point is a concept that differentiates yourself from your competitors. It can be applied to promotional products or even to a business as a whole.   Also known as Unique Selling Proposition, this term refers to a feature or benefit that separates your products from anyone else. Such as offering at lower prices, creative design, extra functions etc.

Unique Selling Point

Unique Selling Point

The main advantage of USP: Attract potential clients.

USP focus on points like slogans, packaging and also brand recognition. With so many similar products and services in the market, ODM always brainstorms for more ideas presenting it in a way distinct from the crowd.

Below are a few of ODM’s products with clear selling points-

  • Tea tool“Don’t make mess, make tea” – Differentiating with a clear slogan helps penetrate into the market more easily.
  • Coolzee 4 in 1- Building on a traditional stubby holder, offering more functions like a bottle and can opener

It is important to discover the unique selling points of your product and business to define your target market and, increase the likelihood of making a sale. ODMasia is a unique promotional products company due to their focus, partnership and product development with an invention incubator.

What products do you see where you could add Unique Selling Points.

Ask what could this do differently.  Look at the add on options and try small innovations to start with.   Does your bag need a hanger or carabiner?   Would your ice scraper need an LED light for those cold winters night?  Can the product be folded up or compacted for mobility?   What other options are out there – pls. leave a comment…