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Everything You Should Know About Plush Toys Certifications and Labelling

Looking to start your own toy business? Here’s our useful guide on plush toys certifications

Firstly, determine whether your toys are to be for retail or for a promotional giveaway, as standards for manufacturing and testings are not the same. Retail plushies need certified tests, whereas promotional plushies do not need any certifications or laboratory tests.

Moreover, toy safety standards tests should be carried out to meet international regulations.

Everything You Should Know About Plush Toys Certifications and Labelling

Plush Toys Certifications and Labelling

Plush toys certification standards vary from region to region, differing in the EU and the United States for example. Generally, some basic tests in laboratories should be taken – see information below.

Different plush toys certifications for USA, Canada and EU:

  • USA

In US we should follow the ASTM, which includes:

– Mechanical/physical testing : ASTM F963-1

– Flammability testing : ASTM F963-2

– Chemical testing (8 kinds of heavy metal) : ASTM F963-3

Then the CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act):

– Lead and phthalates test

– Labeling test

  • Canada 

The Canadian toy standards are regulated by the CCPSA

– Physical and mechanical testing : CCPSA SOR 2011-17-1

– Combustion testing: CCPSA SOR 2011-17-2

– Chemical testing (5 kinds of heavy metals): CCPSA SOR 2011-17-3

– Lead and mercury testing

  • European Union

The EU the toy safety will be regulated by the EN71

– Physical and institutional performance : EN71-1

– Combustion performance : EN71-2

– Chemical performance (19 kinds of heavy metal) : EN71-3

After passing the three tests of EN71, you can get the CE mark. It is vital for plush toys to bear a CE mark as it is a symbol of compliance to European health, safety and environmental standards.

Overall, it is important to have in mind and understand the different safety toy standards for the USA, Canada and EU to avoid your goods being seized.

Once you’re clear which countries you wish to sell toys to and know which certificates you need to obtain, you must also be aware of the pricing for these certifications.

Testing costs will depend on the number of  different kinds of materials and the number of colours used in your plush toy.

For example, making a teddy bear with long hair, a brown body, light brown face and short hair on the paws and feet. This plush bear will consist of three different materials. The laboratory will cut the pieces of each kind of material and test them according to the parameters mentioned before (heavy metals, flammability etc.).

Please note that the embroidery (such as eyes, mouth line etc.) on the product do not require testing.

Furthermore, ODM chooses to work only with factories that use high-quality materials guaranteed to pass all plush toys certifications.

Everything You Should Know About Plush Toys Certifications and Labelling

Plush Toys Certifications and Labelling

After testings and costs have been distinguished, working on label designs will be the next step before commencing production.

Rules for Labelling Plush Toys:

Information and languages placed on fabric labels will vary depending on the country you will be selling them in.

Facts to include:

  • Client’s logo
  • Website
  • Origin (Made in China + Province for some countries)
  • Date of Production
  • Production Number (Invoice)
  • Composition
  • Mark “All new materials”
  • Name and address of importer or distributor
  • Icons about Washing only by hand, Do not iron, Dry clean
  • Age mark (3+, 0+)
  • List of certifications obtained

We have put together a template you can use for reference:

Everything You Should Know About Plush Toys Certifications and Labelling

Plush Toys Certifications and Labelling

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