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Promotional embroidery pouch – GWP for fashion industry

A clothing brand in Hong Kong came up with an innovative marketing campaign to stimulate their spring line sales. This company offers every client purchasing up to 6000 HK $ on spring new arrivals a free embroidery pouch with butterflies.

Promotional embroidery pouch – GWP for fashion industry 

Promotional embroidery pouch – GWP for fashion industry

This promo campaign is actually a great tool to boost costumer loyalty and satisfaction.

Besides, by receiving an unexpected gift, clients may be better positioned to enlarge their shopping cart – hence a better turnover for the company.

 Promotional embroidery pouch – GWP for fashion industry

Promotional embroidery pouch – GWP for fashion industry

The brand  designed the promotional pouch to feature with the spring theme, with little butterflies, great embroidery  and high-quality materiel to go along with the items purchased.

Moreover, the customer can choose between two-color alternatives as it is portrayed in the image above.

What are the benefits of embroidery pouch as GWP marketing campaign?

  • Optimize the stock management. In this case, Gift With Purchase campaign defines a particular target of products: spring arrivals. It is a great way to manage the over stocking issues and ensure a regular stock flow.
  • Build up customer loyalty. With no doubt, your clients will appreciate this initiative. What’s more, you will make them feel special and spoiled.
  • Enhance brand visibility. As a company, you need to make your gift with purchase product as close as possible to your visual identity. Choose the logo, design, colors that represent your brand. Also, as it is an item that your clients can use daily and in public,  it helps you expand your brand exposure.
  • Promote products range. In this case, the promotional pouch matches with the spring catalog theme. Therefore, a great asset about GWP is that you can design it as to promote a specific category of product, i.e range, seasonal line.

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