ODM staff visited Safeway Stores in Vancouver yesterday to view the Promotional Products on display.   Remarkable for their absence were the beer promos, on pack GWP for spirits and wine gifts.   This is due to strict licensing law prohibiting/controlling sale. Carrying an open alcoholic drink outside in public areas is also prohibited in Canada. All drinks promos were to be found at the nearby BC Liquor Store nearby.

We particularly liked the Canadian Club Promo, a Baseball Cap fitted on top of bottle top.   It was well packaged and displayed.   The colours and toning looked well and were eye catching.  The cap had a used/worn look with threads showing.

One wine promo stood out with a wine glass identifier (wine charm).  This Bottle Neck promotion was collectible.  The gift fit quite nicely on top of the bottle and had very high perceived value.

We also liked the bottle necker soap stones for Whiskey.   Water really changes the taste of Whiskey so these will come in really useful for connoisseurs.  Forgive the poor picture quality.

Many Spirits companies went for promotional drinking glasses fixed on top of the bottle. Tumblers were most popular followed by shot glasses. Counted over 8 of these with 2 of them pictured below.