We are now 5 months away from Chinese New Year and Valentines day.    Just as we promoted Tiger related promos this year ODM are now promoting Rabbit themed promos for CNY 2011.   (See Chinese Zodiac signs)

The rabbit is full of positive connotations all around the world.  In China, people born in the year of the rabbit are articulate, talented and ambitious. In Western countries, the rabbit is associated to the softness of our childhood, to the wildness of the hunt, to the joyfulness of a great feast, to the happiness of family Easter gatherings and to sensuality.

Along this theme, we already have grouped suppliers for such promotions.   A few ideas for Chinese New Year promotions below…

  • Rabbit plush
  • Rabbit keychains
  • Rabbit pens
  • Rabbit figurines
  • Rabbit cases
  • Rabbit toys
  • Rabbit cosmetics
  • Rabbit mirrors
  • Rabbit jewelry
  • Rabbit stubby holders
  • Rabbit cards
  • Rabbit Desktop promos

Feel free to contact our invention incubator or our sourcing office to help you find an original and customized promotional Chinese New Year rabbit gift to your clients.

Chinese New Year, the most important of the traditional Chinese holidays, is always a great theme to commercialize for your promotions and promotional gifts to your clients. This year, it will fall on February 3rd, and we’ll be ringing in the year of the rabbit.