Ensure offers a custom promotional shaker as a gift with purchase. Anyone that buys one of their protein powder drink mix can get this promo offer. Each purchase of the 630g can of protein powder has a matched shaker inside the packaging.  This makes it super easy for clients to carry home! This is a great example of how promotional marketing can help you achieve sales objectives. Indeed, using personalized promotional products is a great method for brands that wants to sell in retail outlets. It helps you produce great revenues. Also, it improves client’s loyalty.


custom promotional shaker

custom promotional shaker



Why we love this custom promotional shaker

Improve sales: This shaker will greatly push the client’s decision to buy your product over another. When all the other products are similar, yours will stand out on the shelves.

Practicality: You can find a wide range of on pack promos. The clients can use it with the main product as a container. In fact, you need a shaker to drink the protein powder mix. Therefore, it will attract a wide range of clients. The shaker is in a strong plastic material. You can re-use it, or keep it.

Visibility: The custom promotional shaker has the Ensure logo printed on it. This is low-cost to produce, but have great results on clients retention. Indeed, the client sees your brand’s name every time they use it. This will reinforce the brand identity in the client’s mind. In time, the client’s loyalty to your brand will grow. See for example this custom cooler bag with the logo in its center.


custom promotional shaker 1

custom promotional shaker




Can we improve this product?

A more creative design would make the final gift with purchase look like a high-end gift. Finally, it can stay low cost to produce.



Get in touch with our great team of products designer. Get your custom promotional shaker done!



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