Chupa Chups, the very famous candy brand, has recently launched a very cool duty free on pack promo to boost their lollipops sales.

duty free on pack promo in zhuhai port

Duty Free On Pack Promo in Zhuhai Port by Chupa Chups

How can this duty free on pack promo help increase sales?

The candies come packaged into a plush toy zip bag as seen below, which is really ideal for children. Chupa Chups’ colours are once again at the centre of the promotion. They released two mascots: one blue crocodile, one red monkey. These cute plush toys will definitely appeal to children which would push their parents. That’s a very common strategy for candy brands, but always very effective. Since it is a common strategy it is important for the companies to find some way of differentiating themselves from the competition.

chupa chups duty free on pack promo

Chupa Chups On Pack Promo – Red Monkey Plush

What are other candy brands doing?

It’s always very interesting to compare what other competitors are doing in the same shop or for the same event. We looked around and found this other on pack promo from M&Ms on the same shelf.

duty free on pack promo by m&ms

Duty Free On Pack Promo by M&Ms

This promotion is very interesting because it basically follows the same rules as the Chupa Chups one: using the packaging as an actual toy. This one is basically a fan for children (again, candy brands know who their target is!) that uses the very famous yellow and red characters. We loved the “m” on the mascot, one other “m” on the fan blade. Very smart way to fit the logo.

Check out the video below to see how it works:

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