The tradition of the Twelfth-Night pancake (“la galette des Rois” in French) is celebrated on Epiphany. On that occasion, we eat Twelfth Night cake and family & friends follow an old tradition.

For centuries, the practice remained the same: the pancake is divided into pieces and the youngest guest hides under the table to decide on the fair distribution of the portions.

A bean used to be hidden inside the pancake but it has now been replaced by a lucky charm. The one who discovers it becomes king of the day and receives a golden cardboard as crown.






This tradition remains very important in France and increasingly became an interesting event to use for promotions. You can for example customize the lucky charm with your mascot, your logo or any creative idea. Lucky charms are famous collectibles sought after by collectors. Who knows, your promotional lucky charms might take value over the time!

Originally, and for a higher perceived valuelucky charms were manufactured in plaster. However, plastic is becoming more and more widely used.

Smaller budget? For a lesser cost you can also choose to customize the golden cardboard crown. E.Leclerc, a major French retail supermarket, opted for a licensed “Arthur” – a successful French blockbuster – golden crown.