Promo drinks shot measurer

A thimble or shot measure is a simple cylindrical metal cup that provides markings that indicate measurements at specific intervals. Thimble measures are a mainstay of any mixer’s bar, be it professional or home, as they provide users ease for drink mixing due to standard measurements and its ease of cleaning.

They come a wide variety of sizes & shapes, allowing for different types of alcohol to be mixed according to the ratios which bring the most flavour to your drink.

The polished steel look of this thimble measure allows for companies to project a high end look on their promotional product which would also increase the perceived value of the original product which the shot measures are bundled with. In addition, a company or product logo may be etched onto the steel cylinder, allowing for potentially lasting advertising and marketing effects on consumers when used as a promotional product.

As such thimble measures make great promotional tools when used as a gift with purchase for companies such as the spirits industry as they provide synergy with their core product range as well as utility for target customers. Alternatively, they may also serve as great promotional products to be given out at specific occasions such as company sponsored events or as Bottle Neckers for Spirits promotions..