Snap up a free gift with purchase at House of Fraser, whilst benefiting from your buy of some of Clarins most popular cosmetics. House of Fraser is offering a free Extra Firming Travel Treat Mini Collection when purchasing 2 or more of Clarins hand picked favourites. Clarins’s hand picked favourites include a generous number of 27 cosmetics, of which include some of their best valued cosmetics.

The stylish cosmetic bag which comes as part of the free gift purchase comes in a metallic green which can be viewed as both trendy and picturesque of Clarins’s sophisticated brand identity.

Trendy Metallic Travel Cosmetic Bag as Gift with Purchase

Trendy Metallic Travel Cosmetic Bag as Gift with Purchase

Why would Clarins feel a cosmetic bag would be a perfect gift with purchase 

Clarins is known for being in the higher and sophisticated end of the cosmetics industry. Clarins value their brand loyalty and what better way to give back to their customers than to offer a stylish metallic cosmetic bag. This marketing gift includes other Clarins travel items including 3 face creams when purchasing some of Clarins’s handpicked favourites. Clarins can also use this giveaway as an opportunity to boost their male market by allowing the male customers an outlook of what possible marketing gifts could be experienced when it comes to brand loyalty.

Clarins have carefully thought about their customer needs such as the for a travel cosmetic bag which design is both stylish and compact that will fit all your travel essentials. It can definitely be viewed as a desired product. The cosmetic bag has also been carefully thought out in terms of two compartments so that the user can store other small personal items.

The cosmetic bag could however be offered in more than one colour, for instance metallic red which would highlight the fact the cosmetic bag is Clarins. The colour is definitely successful in terms of this product and brand.