Nisa has just announced another promotion. Nisa stores are independently owned
retail outlets operated throughout the UK.

Participants just have to fill in a form to enter themselves. With a little bit of luck everybody has the chance to win a new bike.

But it is not just a bike; it is a official Team GB Road bike. So if you want to feel like a professional, just sign in to have a chance to win this promotional item.

Lotterys are great promo events. Customers who want to win the bike have to visit the companys website what increases the brand awareness. This kind of promotional campain also leads into a stroger connection between the customer and the company.

This demonstrates another great way promotions can increase the popularity of the company and gain some new customers.

Nisa Promotion – Win a bike!

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Just a few words for our German readers:

Die britische Nisa Kette hat eine neue Promotion gestartet. Bei Eingabe der Daten in das entsprechende Formular kann man ein neues Fahrrad gewinnen. Aber nicht irgendein Fahrrad, sondern ein original Team GB Road Bike. Wenn Sie sich schon immer wie ein echter Radprofi fühlen wollten ist das Ihre Chance!