Project Description

Bespoke Promotional Merchandise

Bespoke Promotional Merchandise

Why : Promotional Merchandise is a great way to promote Television shows and also celebrate milestones. Television shows can give companies a great license material to leverage on, with tons of capabilities to commercialize the concept into a product. We’ve all see promotional figurines made for movies and shows – and these are what helps make the entertainment industries famous for creating cult like following.

What : We helped BBC create this custom tailor made TARDIS box design for a promotional gift for some lucky winners of their competition and also some collectible items to celebrate their 50th Dr Who Television series.

Product Specifications : These small figurines and bespoke products can take shape in many forms – manufactured beautifully with poly resins or for cheaper alternatives – plastic.

Mechanisms : Christmas promotional gifts, Branded promotional products, Corporate promotions, promotional gift, Personalized promotional gifts

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