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Custom Beer Bottle Opener

Custom Beer Bottle Opener

Why : Perfect for bars and cafes looking to maximise space with branded, promotional products. Beer Bottle Openers have been a great promotional product used by the drinks industry due to the complementary functional use it has. 

What : We helped manufacture this bar top bottle opener which allows it to attach to a table top. It is easy to detach as well, and only requires one hand to open up a bottle! We wanted to help produce something that would put emphasis on the brand and is also easy to use. 

Product Specifications : The top cap shape was made of Stainless steel, 18x15cm with a thickness of 1.2 mm and  full color printing. The bottle opener part is plastic and the color is  zinc-plated while the cap catcher is black plastic.

Mechanisms : Branded promotional productsPersonalized promotional gifts, Promotional Products, Marketing, Corporate promotions

Other Projects : we also helped the brand manufacture some napkin holders which were going to be distributed to their bars and also bars that were endorsing their brand.

Custom Napkin Holder

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