Post-its are a common promo gift idea. What about a post-it pen then? We feel that a post-it pen is a great promo gift idea and let me tell you why we think so.

A post-it pen is just like a pen except that, it has a compartment to keep small post-its.

Promo Gift Idea - Post-it Pen

Promo Gift Idea – Post-it Pen

How to use this promo gift idea

In order to reap the benefits from this promo gift idea, here are some pointers to ensure that the promo gift works for your benefit.

Firstly, place your logo onto the post-it pen. Without your logo on the post-it pen, customers may forget where they got the promo gift from. Therefore, branding the pen sleeve helps to improve brand recollection. Branding the pen sleeve also helps to increase brand awareness. When brand awareness and brand recollection improves, sales revenue will naturally increase as well. Branding is really important; never forget to brand your promo gift!

Secondly, ensure that your promo gift idea is handy. If the pen is too bulky or too difficult to use, customers would not want it. Having a simple post-it pen that is easy to use makes the gift attractive to your customers. This handy product will cause the promo gift to be of a high utility value. This would increase the demand for the promo gift; naturally increasing the demand for your product as well.

Thirdly, have a good design. A plain post-it pen is not enough to attract customers. On the other hand, a too elaborate design is very costly and may also deter customers. A good design is one that is able to attract attention to your gift, yet is cost effective and does not have an overload of designs on the pen. The best way to ensure a good design is to design with your target market in mind. Knowing what designs suit them would allow you to create a good design. Having a good design would make your promo gift more effective, thus increasing sales.

After reading about this promo gift idea, start thinking of yours now! We have many promo gift ideas on our blog which may suit your needs.