Chocolate Rain is an accessory store that sells uniquely hand-crafted accessories and decorations. Each piece has a story of its own that aims to reignite childhood memories! Currently, Chocolate Rain is having an in-store promotion. This promo was spotted at a merchandise window in Time Square, Hong Kong. Check out their promo gifts to understand its impact over sales.

Promotional Gifts by Chocolate Rain

Promotional Gifts by Chocolate Rain

We like this promo because they are massively attractive and eye-catching. Moreover, these promo gifts are not only ornamental but also of a high utility value. Promo gifts that are both ornamental and practical are highly popular in the market. Most consumers would actually think that it is a good buy and often make impulse purchases. Look at Chocolate Rain’s current promotion!

Range A – Mirror, Tupperware, Camera pouch, Luggage tag

Range B – Toilet paper holder, Water tumbler, Multi-purpose pouch, Towel

Range C – Hand carrier, Tea pot set, Umbrella

Promo Gift by Chocolate Rain - Tiered Promotion

Promo Gift by Chocolate Rain – Tiered Promotion

Customize Your Own Promo Gift!

There are a various promo gifts in the market. Companies can customize it in any way they want and brand it with their company logo! This increases its exclusivity and gives the promo gift a higher perceived value.

Boosting Sales with Promo Gift

Imprinted with your organization name and company logo, these promotional product would promote brand recall and remind people of your company long after they have been received.  For example, a promo gift like a water tumbler sitting on your desk would constantly remind you that the company is ever ready to serve you. All these branding means would enforce brand loyalty and keep customers coming back to you. Thus, this brings sales to a higher level.

Exposure to the promotional items would also raise brand awareness, increase recognition and support. Therefore, they have a much longer lasting marketing benefits than traditional advertising.