Paddy is offering an on pack promotion of two rock glasses as a marketing gift. This on pack promotion is available with every bottle of whiskey purchased and can be found in the Ireland duty free store. Paddy also uses bottle coats as an excellent point of sales packaging which catches the attention of many due to its prominent colour as compared to the other products on the shelf.

Marketing Gift by Paddy - Rock Glasses

Marketing Gift by Paddy – Rock Glasses

Paddy Whiskey was first produced by the Cork Distilleries Company in 1779 and it is distilled three times from the finest quality of barley and water. This is done so to ensure that the whiskey is particularly light, well balanced and pure. The relatively low pot-still content and uniquely high proportion of malt whiskey ensures that Paddy is one of the softest of all Ireland’s whiskeys.

Using Rock Glasses as Marketing Gift

Rock glasses are excellent gifts as they go hand in hand with whiskeys. They are handy and can be used as door gifts for house warming parties. Whiskeys are usually consumed from rock glasses thus this would serve as a perfect gift for everyone. Other companies like Glenlivet and Maker’s Mark can also make use of these rock glasses as a marketing gift.

To have an attractive and unique point of sales packaging that stands out from other competitors is not easy. Paddy has done well in this area by making use of a bottle coat which is not commonly seen in duty free stores. The bottle coat is in a bright red colour which helps to capture and attract the attention of many shoppers.

Point of Sales Bottle Coat by Paddy

Point of Sales Bottle Coat by Paddy

Improving Sales using Marketing Gifts

Paddy has imprinted its brand name and company logo on both glasses and this helps to increase brand awareness and aid in brand recollection. If one has guests coming over for a drink and the rock glasses are used to serve them, the guests would be able to see which brand the glasses are from and those that have never heard of Paddy before would be exposed to the brand. Every time these rock glasses are used, one would be reminded of the Paddy and over time, the brand name would be imprinted in one’s mind. This would encourage the consumer to make repeated purchases from Paddy which would in turn help to increase sales for the company.