The Conventional Zip Puller

Custom zippers may not stand out in the usual line-up of promotional products, but they do not make them any less effective at getting your marketing campaign on the right track.

Underrated as they are due to the limited space, these zip pullers have enough surface area to give your brand a sizeable amount of logo diffusion and big enough to be noticed.

Let your customers know in one glance the message you want to convey. Amplify your corporate identity by imprinting your contact details or company info.

Step 1.  Choose from these materials

Step 2.  Design.

Work on product design to fit the material and promo products you are looking to develop.  This guarantees utility on repeat occasions.   Use creative or unconventional aesthetics that recipients will appreciate. Attachments can vary from standard zip to carabiners.

Step 3.  Manufacture & hold stocks.

Manufacture your initial run and then hold stocks which can be sent to various factories for usage on production of varied promotional products & merchandise.   Using a standard puller allows your complete range to have a unique and coherent look – money well spent.

Step 4.  Roll out this puller on multiple promo products to create a collection.

These promotional accessories are a mobile branding platform that travel inconspicuously – frequent exposure generates hundreds of impressions.

These are cost effective ways to generate considerable amount of buzz add a quirky touch, and increase the perceived value of Promos.

Pedigree dog food Lenticular Tags & Festive Haloween tags for products below show good usage.

Festive Seasons - Halloween Zip Pulle

Lenticular Zip Puller by Pedigree