Purchase with Purchase Campaign: Disney Promo Items

Disney was a staple for a lot of our childhoods. Many people grew up watching Mickey Mouse cartoons in the morning. Supermarket chain Park ‘n Shop has a new Purchase with Purchase campaign in China, and offers Disney Promo items to their members. With each 50rmb spent in one of the supermarkets, customers receive a voucher. Then customers can choose whichever item they like, and by paying an additional amount of money, they can then take home a brand new Disney mug, food container or water bottle.

Purchase with Purcase Campaign - Disney Promo Items

Purchase with Purcase Campaign – Disney Promo Items

There’s different items to choose from. For example:

Lunch boxes: This looks like a very sturdy product, and would be very useful to use at work or school. Using re-usable products is a lot better for the environment.

Water bottles: People carry water bottles around everywhere with them. They are convenient for travel, and cheaper than buying new disposable bottles all the time. Next to that, they’re also better for the environment.

Porcelain Tea Cups: These make a great Purchase with Purchase item for the Chinese market. Tea is a very popular drink in China, so this has the possibility to be a very popular item under Chinese customers.

Each item has different designs with famous Disney characters such as Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Pluto and of course Mickey Mouse. All of the items from this Purchase with Purchase Campaign are very versatile and convenient, fitting to the needs of Chinese people.

Purchase with Purcase Campaign - Disney Promo Items

Purchase with Purcase Campaign – Disney Promo Items

Why do we like this Purchase with Purchase Campaign idea?

  • Brand loyalty: Customers already have to be pretty loyal to want to become a member of a supermarket chain. Regularly offering special Purchase with Purchase items that only members can collect might make the customer feel more loyal to the company, and will return more often.
  • Design appeal: Because many people can recognize the characters on the bowls, they will be more drawn to the items. If these items give the customer a feeling of childhood sentiment, the incentive to collect all the items will be higher.
  • Boosts Sales: Of course, when customers want to collect all the items, they will need to spend more money in the store. Choosing easily recognizable characters for a Purchase with Purchase campaign works well to address a bigger target market. Secondly, this can also lead to more members of the store, thus more customers!

If you’re interested in this kind of Purchase with Purchase campaign, and would like to find out more information, feel free to contact us. At ODM we specialize in promotional solutions to your ideas, as well as providing excellent designs from our in office team. Linked below are more interesting blogs about Purchase with Purchase campaigns: