Giving away gift with purchases is a great marketing strategy to drive first time purchases, repurchases, as well as impulse purchases. Something about free things that gets consumers excited, and they are more willing to spend more effort purchasing from you. You’re able to stand out from the crowd and thus, successfully increase brand awareness and visibility.

Pookinuk, Australia’s #1 online pet store, recently offered a gift with purchase alongside with retailers such as Royal Canin.

Promo Mechanism:

  • Receive a free storage tin with any Royal Canin Cat food purchased

    Cat Prints able to stir interest amongst Cat Lovers

  • Purchase any 10kg or larger bag of Royal Canin Dog food to receive an airtight storage bin for free!

    Airtight storage keeps 10kg of dog food fresh since it will last a long time…

The choice of promo gifts creates brand synergy – solving the hassle faced by pet owners to search for a separate container for storage. Whilst animal prints make it more attractive to pet lovers, they also offer a clear differentiation if the recipient owns more than 1 pet. Royal’s Canin brand logo is prominently located on the containers and allows higher visibility and brand recall.

How can ODM help?

Keen on creating your very own custom promotional gift with purchase? Contact ODM today! Our product designers are able to provide you with multiple fun and unique ideas to wow your audience. Our specialists will assist you in every step of the process and ensure a pleasant experience.


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