Shell, the famous Dutch-British oil and gas company, recently proposed a new PWP promotion in Spain.

Frisbee Boomerang and Rocket Ball as PWP by Shell – Spain

Simply add an additional 2 €uros for every 25 litres oil purchased from Shell to receive one these promotional products (Boomerang, Frisbee and Rocket Balls).

ODM feel that this PWP promotion is an efficient and effective way to promote your brand. As mentioned in July during our Umbrella’s Special Offer, PWP promotions allow you to get paid for advertising your brand.

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Here is a summary for our Spanish readers:

Aquí tenemos una promoción de compras por compras del grupo Shell. Por la compra de 25 litros de aceite de motores, y añadiendo 2€, la empresa anglo-neerlandesa propone a sus clientes obtener unos frisbees, boomerangs y rocket balls. Como le explicó nuestro articulo sobre los paraguas, este tipo de promoción está un excelente medio para ganar dinero y promover su empresa al mismo tiempo.