What are all companies interested in?   The most important is, of course, boosting the sales. TIKKURILA chose the right marketing move; they offer gift with purchase to their customers.

In Russia Tikkurila offers its customers a promo with very simple rules.  The bigger the amount of purchase, the better the gift. Customers can get a decorative vase (minimum spending of 1000 rub), a set of glasses (minimum spending of 2000 rub) or branded wall clock (minimum spending of 3000 rub). Read on to find out more about this promotion!

Take a look at possible gifts:

Gift with purchase: set of glasses

Gift with purchase: set of glasses

Gift with purchase: wall clock

Gift with purchase: wall clock

Tikkurila is a Finish company in the industry of interior paintings and decorative coatings, which was founded in 1862. After 150 years of successful history, the company has a leading position at the market of Baltic and Eastern European countries, and Russia.  This proves that Tikkurila understands the needs of the customers and therefore gift with purchase is a great marketing move.

Why offer a gift with purchase?

When your company offers gift with purchase, it means that you are offering an additional bonus the purchase of any specific product. This gift has a psychological effect on consumers. An extra bonus gives them a sense of contentment when they get something extra for their money. Thus when you offer a gift with purchase, you have an edge above any other competitive products that do not offer any extra incentive. The goal of a gift with purchase is to captivate the interest of consumers.


Branding is very important for any marketing campaign. Never forget to brand gifts that your give to customers/ and you may ask: why is branding so important? Let me tell you why. Branding helps your customers to remember your brand easily. When you brand a gift, customers will remember your brand every time they use the gift

Our Russian followers may find a brief description of this promotion below:

Tikkurila основана в 1862 году и является ведущей компанией в области производства декоративных лакокрасочных материалов в Финляндии, Швеции и России, в странах Балтии и в Польше.  С 22.07.2013 по 08.09.2013 проводят акцию «Гарантированные призы за покупку краски TIKKURILA».