Ballymaloe is currently offering a promotional jute bag as a gift with purchase. The jute bag is complimentary with the purchase of two bottles of relish. This promotion was found in duty free stores in Cork, Ireland.

Ballymaloe is an Irish family-owned business. The company seeks to provide the best quality ingredients using traditional methods. As a result, it produces delicious tasting products. Being in the industry for over several decades, Ballymaloe has made a name for itself in the industry. They take pride in their signature relishes and those who are travelling will be pleased to offer these as a gift from Cork.

Gift with Purchase by Ballymaloe – Free Jute Bag

Gift with Purchase by Ballymaloe – Free Jute Bag

This promotional packaging offers originality and uniqueness. The transparent plastic is an interesting and unique feature of the bag. this feature gives the bag a modern feel. The woven part of the bag brings out the authenticity of the brand, showing that it is traditional. This combination of modern and traditional jute bag can be used to offer a variety of products.

The simplicity of this marketing gift allows you to be able to cater to any type of theme. The woven handles provide comfort while using the bag. Its size is rather compact as well, making it convenient to carry around.

Benefits of this gift with purchase as a Promotional Packaging method

This unique product will definitely offer an edgy image for your company. With the mix of traditional and modern design, this marketing gift will allow your company to stand out. Also, this product will be one that is attention grabbing. These factors will definitely boost brand awareness and in turn increase sales.

With people reusing this promotional product at the supermarket or shopping malls, your brand will be seen at various locations at different times. This focuses on improving brand awareness causing people to recall your brand easily.

This product is made out of recyclable materials in order to contribute to the green movement. This would enhance a company’s corporate social responsibility. With that in place, the company will also be better received due to good image.