Britain’s online bike retailer teamed up with For Goodness Shakes to launch a large on-pack promotion.   The prize – One hundred Verenti Millook bikes worth £1.200 each and £5M are waiting to be given away.

Simply activate the promotional codes found on the For Goodness Shakes promotional packs online at

Moreover, customers can get a £5 discount on   By giving out free bikes, For Goodness Shakes promotes healthy lifestyle. This exactly matches the objective of this health drink company. This promotion tactic can boost traffic on the joint website of both companies, giving customers an opportunity to understand the companies and other products better.

Compared to a simple money off deals, such promotions will value add to the product and create so much buzz. Also, since both companies are targeting the same group of customers, such promotions will create great hype in the market. This is in turn translates to an increase in the sales level.

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