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Beach Promotional Products

Beach Promotional Products

Why : Sunglasses make a great job for promotional products. They can be highly utilised if marketed during seasons like Summer, or a great way to distribute personalized merchandise for a beach event. Sunglasses are wearable promotional products – therefore helps with promoting brand awareness when the user wears it on them. 

What : The ODM Group helped manufacture these custom made sunglasses. They are minimal, with a very striking orange color to complement the beach vibes. We also helped with packaging these sunglasses into polybags, which is a suitable packaging that will protect the glasses from scratching. 

Product Specifications : The frames of the sunglasses are made out of PolyCarbonate plastic and the lenses are made out of Acrylic Lenses with UV 400 protection.

Branding Method : The printed logo on the frames have an approximate 4cm logo size which makes it small enough to fit the frames and big enough to be visible from afar. 

Mechanisms : Branded promotional products, Corporate promotions, Personalized promotional gifts, Promotional Products, Sports promotional items

Other projects : Beach Umbrellas

Beach Promotional Products

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