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custom promotional product

Custom Promotional Product

custom promotional product
custom promotional product
custom promotional product

What: ODM manufactured plenty of custom promotional products for Quintis. An individual custom promotional product allowed Quintis the flexibility to customise a wide range of products. As such, we aided Quintis in producing custom pouches, bags, and printed brochures. We offer an exciting and vast selection of eco-friendly materials ranging from bamboo to paper! Thus, allowing the use of vegetable leather and recycled uncoated paper in Quintis’s promotional merchandise.  

Why: “Custom Promotional Product” flourishes in almost all industries; basically, the silver bullet companies are looking to generate buzz around products. Promotional products will continue to grow in leaps and bounds exponentially in the future. Essentially, once a custom promotional product is utilised well, it can raise brand awareness and exposure. Hence, for marketing results to yield results, companies should not miss out on their very own custom promotional product or promotional merchandise.  

Product Specifications:
1. Custom Pouches
Bag Size & Material: 90×120 mm , 8 Oz Canvas
Card Size & Material: 40x50mm , Recycled Uncoated Paper

2. Custom Bags
Size: 297 x 210 x 50 mm
Material: Vegetable Leather 

3.Printed Brochures
Potrait Size & Material: 250mm high x 175mm wide , 100% Recycled Uncoated Paper
Cover Size & Material: 220mm high x 160mm wide , 100% Recycled Uncoated paper
Debossed Logo + Sewing Binding 

Mechanisms: Branded promotional products, Promotional Products, Marketing, Corporate promotions, Custom Products

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