Project Description

custom salon chairs

Custom Salon Chairs

custom salon chairs
custom salon chairs

What: ODM manufactured custom salon chairs made out of vinyl for Napolean Perdis. Custom salon chairs allowed Napolean Perdis the flexibility to choose the type of material, type and size of their chairs. We offer an exciting and vast selection of vinyl softness levels and textures. Vinyl chairs are essentially durable and easier to clean than other materials, and the best upholstery fabric! 

Why: Custom salon chairs thrives in the fashion and cosmetics industry due to the idea of comfort, luxury and relaxation. To provide an overall excellent experience for customers, it comes down to every aspect, including chairs. Companies will choose to design their chairs according to the ambience of the store interior and comfort level for customers. Essentially, a properly custom salon chair to satisfy customers matters. 

Product Specifications:
Material: Black vinyl 13-26 cover + steel tube
Dimensions: W52* D42* H87 – 120cm
 Base: ¢450mm

Mechanisms: Branded promotional products, Promotional Products, Marketing, Corporate promotions, Custom Products

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