Project Description

Custom Recycled Notebook

Custom Recycled Notebook

Custom Recycled Notebook

What: The notebooks are made of recycled paper, which makes them very eco-friendly. Recycling helps to keep the carbon out of the atmosphere. In concern of sustainable marketing and environmental degradation, companies should understand the need for recycled products and strive to work for it. This significantly increases the brand image for years to come.

Why: Recycling paper is a great sustainable effort to reduce the amount of trash in our landfills. Trees are not meant to be cut, they have to be grown. Companies should strive to be sustainable and eco-friendly as this can help boost their brand image. ODM developed these products to show we care for our environment.

Product Specifications :

  • Material:350g Kraft paper cover and back (Recycled Paper); 100 sheets 80gsm pages with lines; Stainless Steel ring
  • Size:A5; Inner Page Size:147 * 210mm
  • Color:Brown
  • Logo:2C print on 1P- silkscreen print

Mechanisms: Company GiftsCustom Promotional Giveaways

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