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Project Description

Branded Digital Frame

Branded Digital Frame

Branded Digital Frame
Branded Digital Frame
Branded Digital Frame

What: Branded Digital Frame allows for the display of photos and videos. It can be displayed at homes or on office desks. It can be kept as a constant reminder of your loved ones. Branded Digital frames are easily connectable to the computer. The USB port is provided to load photos to the frame.

Why: They can be high-end gifts for customers or employees. Plus, they are great for anyone, especially families. Also, they will make great home decor. Apart from these, the branded logo is clearly visible each time they look into the frame. This increases brand awareness. ODM developed these promotional products with the only motive of making your brand stand out from its competitors. 

Product Specifications: 

  • Size: 272*180mm, 10inches LCD
  • Color: White
  • Logo: 2c logo (size – 1×7.2cm)
  • Other: includes 3000mAh battery, 4G memory card

Mechanisms: Company Gifts, Purchase with Purchase

Other projects: Notebooks, Pens, Caribiner USB with Pouch, Totebag, Sunglasses, Wireless Headset, Travel Adaptor, Badge, Holographic Stickers

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