We asked one of our clients to give us their impressions at a China factory visit during procurement recently. Read below about non woven bag manufacturing process. This is one of a series of blogs that we will title: Buyer Diary. Promotional non woven bags are the type of item that will get a lot of attention very simply because there are many different ways in which a person will use a bag.

Procurement in China - Buyer Diary #25 Non Woven Bag Manufacturing Process

Procurement in China – Buyer Diary #25 Non Woven Bag Manufacturing Process

 Procurement in China – Non Woven Bag Manufacturing Process

Choosing fabric: Non woven fabric is a new generation of environment-friendly materials, but not made by weaving or knitting as general fabric. Relatively stiff non woven fabric is more popular, because bags made of stiff non woven fabric can stand up to be displayed. They are also practical, strong enough to hold heavy goods. Non woven bags are typically manufactured by putting small fibers together in the form of a sheet, and then binding them mechanically, with an adhesive, or thermally and melting the binder on the sheet by increasing temperature.

Printing: Silk screen printing is done by hand, so it is relatively slow. Gravure printing is efficient, but it costs more to make engraved copper plate for gravure printing machine than silk screen printing. Most silk screen printing jobs require more than one ink. Each colour must dry before the next colour can be applied. Click on the video for more information!

 Printing Machine in a Bag Factory

Cutting: After non woven fabric is produced and stored in warehouse, now we need to cut rolls of non woven fabric into pieces. Factories use automatic cutting machine to cut non woven fabric into various required size and shape. Some pieces are also cut by old-fashioned fabric shears.

Cutting Machine in a Bag Factory

Sewing: According th the bag’s specification and style, sewing different sizes of fabric, handle and trim together just like sewing clothes. In this process, there are many kinds of stitches. If customized bag is too big or specially shaped, the standard of packaging may vary. Non woven bags have developed for a long time into many kinds of styles, the manufacturing processes of different bags may have slight difference, but the general process is as mentioned above.

Some words in Russian for our local readers:

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