Recently, for the Three Kings Day in Spain it has been offering different gifts for the occasion. For the men collection, it is possible to purchase a promo gift which include different grooming products for €65.00.


Promo Gift for Three Kings Day in Spain by Tous

Promo Gift for Three Kings Day in Spain by Tous

How will this promo gift benefit Tous?

The Three Kings Day is a very traditional event in Spain. On every 6th January, the country celebrates the end of Christmas with a great party. On this day, people will exchange gifts with each other.

Tous is a Spanish jewellery fashion leading brand which was launched in 1920. It has created a unique style of jewellery in the world. Its product designs are adapted to different moments that a person faces in life. Apart from jewellery, the brand also supply a variety of different accessories like handbags, watches, perfumes and leather goods.

This promo gift offered by Tous is an ideal present for men as it includes some grooming products like shaving cream, after shave and skin care cream. This promo gift is an excellent provider of free advertising.

The gift makes it very easy for customers to remember Tous brand. It is vital in the marketing strategy of the brand. It will eventually help rise sales and improve brand value.

Offering promotional items to clients should benefit both the client and the brand itself. This will create a positive image of the brand for the client. It can make them come back to purchase again.

Tous is a fashion brand and nowadays most fashion brands offer gifts set. Any fashion brands should also stay up to date with their rivals movements in order to stay competitive. Gift sets are very practical and can result very handy in different occasions.

Some words in Spanish for our local readers:

Tous es una marca muy importante en el mercado de moda español y lo ha demostrado año tras año con los productos que ofreces a su clientela. Para está ocasión, los reyes magos en España, están ofreciendo un pack de productos de belleza para hombre que resulta ser muy práctico a la hora de llevarlo a diferentes sitios y insertar una variedad de productos.