Looking for an interesting way to “tie” down your customer? Promotional tie is one of many option to do so. Although tie are an important part of any men’s wardrobe, they usually offer limited space to maneuver in term of style. Hence, Ties with small logo printing can be an ideal solution to increase your brand visibility while remaining within acceptable fashion standards.

Polyester Woven Ties can be customised by incorporating Business or Club Logo print. They are available on Plain, Striped or Patterned design of your choice.

This showcases the brand of your company without exaggerating, thus allowing the tie to be wore on any occasion, improving the value-added perception of your gift. A great choice as  a corporate gift or as part of a gift package!

Be it simple or complex design, Ties can be easily customized to meet your preferences and budget. Contact ODM to design and produce useful promotional items at a low cost, short production time and creative design. Our teams will be more than happy to provide you with ideal promotional gift, insuring your promotional campaign is successful!