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Promotional Gift Box: Why Do So Many Brands Use This Marketing Tactic?

A great way to add more value to your product is a promotional gift box. This is a way not only to make your product more valuable, but, to stand out next to competitors. Especially for alcohol drink products or those targeting high-end customers. Therefore, it should be of high quality. Having nice packaging will significantly boost your sales. The quality and appearance of your packaging convinces your customers that the products are also of high-quality. In essence, it isn’t only about the impression you make. It should tell your brand story as well.

promotional gift box

The picture above shows a case-shaped and handbag-shaped luxury promotional gift boxes. Inside, there’s a space for a bottle, glasses and shots. We think they are a really good example.

What are the benefits of a promotional gift box?

Brand recognition.

A gift box will increase brand awareness. With marketing drinks, the packaging gives the customers a hint at the luxuriousness of the product. In other words, they will see what to expect from the brand. Moreover, the luxury gift box is an effective drinks packaging design.

promotional gift box

Perfect Gift With Purchase.

A promotional gift box is a perfect branded gift with purchase. This promotional gift convinces customers to buy Your product. It’s a win-win. Moreover, they are gift-ready. In other words, it gives your customers promotional pack that they can use as a present.

Increase value.

With good brand recognition, a promotional gift box increase sales effectively. Custom branded packaging adds product value. Furthermore, when people see that product has something more to give them they are more willing to buy it. Resulting in a sales boost.

promotional gift box


Not only does this product look elegant, but it’s useful. It is easier to carry a bottle of whisky or champagne in a case like the presented on the pictures. People are more likely to buy a gift with purchase, if it’s actually useful. In other words, there is a benefit for you and your customer in investing in a promotional gift box.

promotional gift box

In conclusion,

Let us help you design incredible promotional merchandise. Our team has over 20 years experience producing products in China, and you can treat us as your de facto office in China. What is more, our designers and merchandisers will aid you from product brainstorming all the way through the designing and manufacturing stage! If you are interested in this product in particular, please use the quotation number on the photos, when filling in the online contact form.

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