On every September the 22nd, World Carfree Day reminds people that they do not have to accept a car-dominated society; and to encourage people not to use their cars on this day. As the climate heats up, environmental days such as World Carfree Day are more widely emphasized worldwide.

Some eco-friendly products to introduce are:

There are various ways where one can contribute to the conservation of the environment and also to honour World Carfree Day. Instead of taking private locomotive transport, these are some alternative ways and a promotional product associated with each.

  • Take public transit to maximise gas utilization throughout the country. These fancy jewellery earphones may be great during your travels.
  •  Rollerblading and skateboarding is a good form of travelling and also exercise. Of course, one should always prevent possible injuries with some paddings and guards.
  • Non fuelled transport such as bicycles, tricycles or rickshaws are also great mode of transport. (Air pump)
  • Walking (Pedometer)
  • Telecommute (Coffee Cup)