Great visual merchandising is key to attracting new customers. This is because the way you present your products can have a significant influence on your customers’ buying behavior. When at a shop, our attention is naturally drawn not only to beautiful items but to properly curated displays. So, when selling expensive items like jewelry, you want to make sure that you stand out from competitors. As such, having custom jewelry holders designed exclusively for your best-selling pieces of jewelry is a must.

If there is customized jewelry, there must also have custom holders for them. Jewelry holders serve as organizers. They also help to display pieces of jewelry in an interesting and eye-catching manner. They make items easier to access for the customers. Moreover, they also protect the precious merchandise from theft and damage. Additionally, showcasing a jewelry holder’s style can simply improve a brand’s image exponentially. Hence, using custom jewelry holders is a surefire way to make your products stand out.

custom jewelry holders

Custom Jewelry Holders

Where Can IUse these Custom Jewelry Holders?

  • Jewelry Shops and Online Stores – Wow customers with your exceptional visual merchandising skills! Whether you are using these product ideas for your physical or online stores, you will need a compelling display that would push customers to make a purchase on the spot.
  • Pawnshops– Attract more customers and establish trust by displaying your shop’s newest collection.
  • Trade Shows and Exhibits – Trade shows are a great place to make new business connections. So do not miss the chance to make an impressive impact.
  • Museums – Highlights important pieces that play an important part in our history culture, and arts.
  • Auctions – Got items to sell? Make them more appealing by using cool creative displays!
  • Window Displays – Convert passerby into sure buyers by making your window displays as eye-catching as possible. YOu can do that by using these custom jewelry holders!


Here are some jewelry POS display ideas for when you want to make sure that your brand shines at all times!


4 Must-Try Custom Jewelry Holder Ideas

1. Metal Jewelry Holder

 custom jewelry holders

Custom Jewelry Holders

Most industries today are taking on the Green initiative. This simple act absolutely benefits the environment and the people. Metal jewelry holder is reusable and can be used for a long time. Having your brand imprinted in your custom jewelry holder would help your brand recognized in the long run of time. Thus, the durability and the security of this holder are also guaranteed.

Metal custom jewelry holders also come in different beautiful finishes like bronze, gold, silver, rose gold, and matte. Choosing the right metal finish will also help your products to stand out even more.


2. Wood Jewelry Organizer

As part of the Green initiative, more industries adopt the use of wood for materials. Wood has an elegant vibe when used in anything. Adding some personal touch to your jewelry holders gives a different impact to those who see it. Wood is also a long-lasting and sturdy material that can last many years.

 Custom Jewelry Holders

Custom Jewelry Holders

The durability of the material can also help merchandisers to save money since they have a long lifespan and can withstand daily wear and tear. Moreover, the wood element brings dignity and charm, which can help to attract more customers.


3. Foam Jewelry Holder

This holder can hold jewelry snugly, thus making it safe from any damage. It can be customized to fit on the retail jewelry store where it will be displayed. Moreover, the velvety finish of the material used to cover the foam protects pieces of jewelry from scratches.

custom jewelry holder

Custom Jewelry Holder

4. Customized Plastic Jewelry Container

Knowing the characteristics of plastic, it is infrangible so it makes a perfect jewelry holder. If you are looking for a display that is not only durable but visually pleasing as well, then you can never go wrong with a plastic jewelry container. With plastic, you also have the freedom to mimic the luster and design appeal of real glass and, it is more inexpensive and easier to maintain than glass.


Contact ODM

Having your jewelry holders customized allows you to select the material to use and your preferred colors, sizes, and style. To ensure that your display is made according to your brand requirements, the first thing you need to do is find a reliable designer who will help you make your visions come alive.

If you like these jewelry display ideas, then be sure to contact our team with product code ODM-3330.

Here at ODM, we can help you source and design custom promotional products, packaging, and displays. We can help you build your brand. Contact the ODM team for services.


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