Lords and Taylor is currently offering a chic cosmetic bag as a free gift with purchase. For any Lancôme purchase of $39.50 or more customers are entitled to a beautifully designed cosmetic bag with 7 pieces of free gift. Lancôme’s Gift with Purchase comes in 2 colours, cranberry red and midnight blue. Both are equally attractive and of high perceived value.

Lancôme Gift with Purchase - Cosmetic Bag

Lancôme Gift with Purchase – Cosmetic Bag

Why Lancôme chose to use a cosmetic bag as their Gift with Purchase?

First of all, Lancôme is in the business of cosmetics as well as skincare products. No doubt that a cosmetic bag would be the most relevant marketing gift to offer to their customers. Secondly, Lancôme’s main target market is women. By offering a cosmetic bag, Lancôme will definitely be able to provoke customer’s interest in their brand and products. This is especially true when their gift with purchase is both functional and well designed.

Lancôme’s cosmetic bag is big thus making it spacious enough to fit all your cosmetic and skincare products. Alternatively, customers could also be creative with it by using it as a normal clutch bag. Similarly, it can be used to hold all your personal belongings like your phone, wallet, make up and etc. On top of that, it has a very chic and stylish design that encourages one to bring it out on a date. Customers will not have to shy away as this cosmetic bag is elegant and suitable for any occasion.

However, Lancôme could have added a more visible branding onto their gift with purchase. With adequate branding, it will help to boost brand awareness and encourage brand recall. For instance, whenever customers use this cosmetic bag, the logo or brand name printing will enable customers to recall Lancôme as a cosmetic brand. This also encourages them to make a repurchase of Lancôme products! Ultimately, branding is an effective way to boost sales and revenue!

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