Promotional Bag

Promotional Bag by Omo

Omo is a brand of laundry detergent made by Unilever and it is sold in many countries of the world. This line of business has several competitors and it is then not unusual to see some promotional bags & marketing campaigns with POS display in the stores as the brands try to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Currently in Shanghai the group is doing a marketing operation at Carrefour.   Purchase 58 RMB (8,70 USD) of Omo products and get a branded promotional bag.

This gift with purchase comes in red like the packaging of the brand and is equipped with shoulder strap and hand strap to carry heavy loads easily.

This kind of promotional item is a good reminder for your clients. Bags are often used as promotional gifts because they are very convenient for customers, easy to produce and they make a great promotional visual aid. Custom Promotional Bags can be used so much and will continually promote your brand to expand your business.  (Esp. good where bag levies are introduced)

Please also have a look at other bag promotions and do not hesitate to ask our buying office to design/source your next promotional gift.

Omo Promotional bag

Promotional bag by OMO