“Shipping Marks” are used by exporters such as ODM who send products in Carton Boxes to their clients. When the boxes are received by the clients, they are frequently put into warehouses & mixed with other shipments.   Having accurate shipping marks on your cartons is key for stocking your products and finding them later.


Shipping Marks

Shipping Marks

“Shipping marks” designate what is written on the export cartons. These marks should be given at the same time you place an order to a factory so that the carton boxes can be printed early and the goods can be packed as they roll off the production line.


Shipping marks: what information is included?

Usually, the importer specifies what the supplier should write. Of course, the information to be put in the Shipping mark label can vary from time to time but generally the key points to remember are :

  • Purchaser’s name and/or logo;
  • Product reference and/or order number;
  • Country of destination (for example, a forwarder might have to distinguish some cartons for Canada and others for the US);
  • Other relevant information about the products: season, size, color, or breakdown of the different types of goods inside a particular carton;
  • Net weight & gross weight of carton;
  • Dimensions of the carton;
  • Number of cartons (example: 1/230; 2/230; 3/230…); Individual numbers are written in marker

Often, the most important information (SKU and/or barcode) is on the short side of the carton, since it is still visible after the cartons are stacked up. And lesser important information is placed on the long side.

Shipping Marks

Shipping Marks

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What are shipping marks?

Shipping marks are words, numbers or symbols that are shown on each package unit for easier identification and handling of the cargo.

What is the purpose of a shipping mark?

Shipping marks are like identification marks for the carriers and all parties involved in the carriage and handling during transit. They are helpful for the consignee to identify the corresponding order and ensure that the delivery is correct.

What are the important information that should be included on the shipping mark label?

These are the recommended information that should be added: 1. Purchaser’s name and/or logo 2. Product reference and/or order number 3. Country of destination 4. Other relevant information about the products: season, size, color, or breakdown of the different types of goods inside a particular carton 4. Net weight & gross weight of carton 5. Dimensions of the carton 6. Number of cartons

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