FritoLay’s current gift with purchase is perfect for those who love their snacks. With the purchase of 2 bags of Lay’s, Doritos or Ruffles, consumers can receive a free cushion. This cushion is made in the shape and size of a bag of chips; there are even 8 different designs to choose from! This gift with purchase can be found at most supermarkets and convenience stores in Singapore.

Snack n Hug with FritoLay's Gift with Purchase

Snack n Hug with FritoLay’s Gift with Purchase

FritoLay is a US company which specializes in food products. Founded in 1961, the company has a built a reputation of being a leader producer in potato chips. They carry many different brands which are famous in all parts of the world.

A unique gift with purchase

FritoLay’s gift with purchase is unique as they have incorporated their product into the gift with purchase. The cushion is made in the shape and size of a bag of chips. It even has the exact same print that goes onto the chips! This is great in improving brand recollection. Whenever consumers see the cushion, they would think about FritoLay’s potato chips and may just head down to the store to buy a bag.

Benefits of a gift with purchase

One benefit of this gift with purchase is that it is a free form of advertisement for FritoLay. As cushion can be easy compressed and is of a convenient size to carry around, many people may bring it for overnight stays or holidays. When others see this unique gift with purchase they would definitely ask about it and may go and snag this gift with purchase as well! This would help to spread the brand’s name in a cost-effective manner.

Also, this gift with purchase helps to improve customer satisfaction. As potato chips are not very costly, buying two bags and receiving a complimentary cushion appears as a very good deal. Consumers are always looking out for the best deal, and this is definitely one of them. After receiving a good deal, the customer is satisfied. He will then continue purchasing products from that brand.


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