Lancôme has once again surprised us with another GWP! Simply spent $75 or more on any Lancôme products at Myer and you would get to receive an 8-piece gift set! This gift set is inclusive of a silver, sparkling cosmetics pouch that is great to carry around for a ladies’ night out. It is visually attractive and at the same time extremely spacious, allowing you to hold all your make-up for the night.

Ladies’ night out with this dazzling GWP from Lancôme!

Ladies’ night out with this dazzling GWP from Lancôme!

Lancôme Paris is a French luxury cosmetics house, that distributes products internationally .It was founded in 1935 Lancôme is part of the Luxury Products division, which offers skin care, fragrances, and makeup at higher-end prices.

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Why do cosmetic cases work so well as a GWP?

Many cosmetic companies offer cosmetic cases as their promotional gift. This may seem boring, however, they never fail to bring results everytime. Now, you must be wondering why this is so. The reason is simply because every lady needs a cosmetic bag!

Cosmetic pouches are indispensable for all women as they would need one to store their makeup in, be it for work or play. They come in a large variety of designs, shapes and sizes. One can never get enough of cosmetic pouches as there are so many to choose from! This is another reason as to why this GWP always works as women tend to collect them and use a different one for every occasion.

Lancôme has cleverly made use of a sparkly design as it is eye-catching and consumers would definitely want to purchase their products in order to receive this exclusive cosmetics pouch. This would in turn help to bring in more customers for the brand and boost sales for the company in the long run.