The Glenegale branded hat is a great example of company successfully using promotional products to advertise their brand. However, its difficult to create an effective branded item but if done properly it can bring about many benefits.

Great Use of a Branded Hat By The Glenegale

Great Use of a Branded Hat By The Glenegale


Why Produce Branded Items?

Branded hats as promotional products are a great way to increase brand awareness, recognition and brand exposure. This is particularly effective when the branded product is regularly used like this hat, therefore the hat with brand name printed on it will be much more exposed to potential consumers. 

Furthermore the uses of a branded hat are endless. You can give them away for free, as winnable prize or as on pack gift. A company can use as a gift with purchase or you can promote them as a giveaway. Both of these will undoubtedly increase awareness but also satisfaction and positive word of mouth though customers informing other of this great gift!

Alternatively they’re great to sell as mechandise for example in your online shop. Offering the hat as merchandise  can give you the benefit of earning money doing a marketing campaign by selling the branded products. However this obviously depends on what type of business you are.

Besides keeping your head warm, branded hats offer a big area to print your logo or artwork upon it therefore you can effectively promote your brand.

The Benefits of Using Branded Items 

  • Brand Awareness and Brand Activation – As mentioned above this is a great way to bring awareness to your brand. You too can use promotional products as giveaways, gift with purchases and merchandise.


  • Increased Perceived Value – Quality of the brand item will  increases positive brand perception. Using promotional goods, that represents our brand in a good way can have massive effects of your image


  • Ultimately, Increased Sales – All of the specific benefits combine together to  increase your sales and profit.


The possible applications of promotional products are diverse. If you want to learn more about the benefits of promotional products and how they can increase your sales volume, you can visit our blog.

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