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Custom Puzzle Sets

Custom Puzzle Set

Why : Kids and adults alike can also enjoy some old-school fun with this compact wooden puzzle set. Great for taking a break from your day or to keep your mind sharp. Puzzle sets are a great promotional product that can help your customers re-connect with their friends and family. It is a very engaging activity, therefore allows users to interact with the brand. Puzzle sets are also highly customizable, enabling various different messages to be displayed.

What : The custom puzzle set just like any other puzzle set is a combination of scattered puzzle pieces that come in a solid wooden box with the brand logo which at the end forms a happy new year and Merry Christmas artwork. We manufactured this in 2019, in anticipation for the new year 200.

Product Specifications : The puzzle material was made with basswood plywood in a stock wooden colour and the artwork was digitally printed. The box was made with pine wood in a dark wood coating colour and a 1c laser engraved logo.

Mechanisms : Branded promotional productsPersonalized promotional gifts, Promotional Products, Marketing, Christmas promotional gifts

Other projects : Custom snow globes.

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