As promotional products for an event must be planned well in advance, ODM has some ideas for the month of December for you. Here are some great promotional products that you should reward yourself with towards the end of the year!

Dec holiday Awareness and Special Days

Though December is always associated with Christmas, ODM has also noted other special dates and days in that month that might be litten up with promotional gifts.  Here we have a few items that we thought would be great for these events.

For St. Nicholas day, we thought a multipurpose letter opener would be great for the occasion. The side of the item acts as a ruler. On one end it is a letter opener whilst the other end can be used as a highlighter. This useful gift would come in handy when one wants to note points in a letter. You can also customize your own by maybe adding a pen to replace the highlighter.

Next, we have a feast of radishes day which we thought if gifts such as vegetable pens are given out, it would definitely enhance event recall. Furthermore, it is a very quirky gift which will be easily remembered by consumers. Customization is not only limited to vegetables. You can also customize pens to look like racing cars!

Now, the special item for Christmas… we have these wooden nesting dolls! These Matryoshka dolls could be a great gift that people can easily put on display to beautify a home. On the other hand, this doll set could be a cool container for Christmas gifts and be customized into Santa Claus or Reindeers, which could definitely add to the festive joy!

For Boxing Day and there is no better gift than a boxing set. You could opt for an inflatable punch bag or the sand-filled bag, though the latter could be pretty heavy!

Moving on to an interesting occasion like Bathtub Party Day, why not give away a bath radio? This specially designed radio just for the bathroom could just be the item to liven up the party! It can also be customized into many other shapes and colors.

ODM has also identified special days for some Nations in December and these include countries like Kenya, Finland and Thailand.

Dec holiday National Days

For Kenya’s Independence Day, an accessory for your car could be a good gift for all who owns a drive. This item would also attract the attention of passersby and instil a deep sense of nationalism.

As Finland is always associated with cold temperatures and climates, gifts like the custom Moose plush toy or the room slippers would stand out amongst others. The former reminds the locals of their traditions, whilst the latter would be a useful item around the house.

Elephants are always associated with the land of smiles –Thailand. So, a premium gift for a giveaway could be this encrusted elephant keychain. This beautiful gift can not only make a fashion statement but also remind one of their countries. Can you guess what interesting gift a Thai restaurant gave away for free?

What other gifts can you think of for these occasions? Share your thoughts here!


How can ODM help?

Keen on creating your very own promotional products in preparation for the last month of the year? Contact ODM today to inquire! The specialised team here will be able to assist you every step of the process and ensure a pleasant experience. Our product designers will be able to provide you with multiple interesting ideas to wow your audience.


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