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Branded Novelty Items: Out of the Box Ideas to Drive Distinction

One way or another, we all like a novelty: a new gadget, a new trend, a new product in the market. Something new and striking can certainly pique our interest immediately. Our brains are actually wired that way. We want what’s unusual. So, why not take advantage of this fact? Wondering how you can perk up your promotions today? Well, you don’t have to page through anymore! Let us show you the way with branded novelty items!

Branded Novelty Items

Why Should You Include Branded Novelty Items to Your Promotions?

1. Distinguishes Your Brand from the Rest.

What makes your brand unique? How can you set up a distinction for your brand in the sea of competition?

Branded novelty items can help you in creating your own voice. These items are accordingly out-of-the-box ideas that can give a memorable purchasing experience to your customers so you will remain top-of-mind. With these custom giveaway ideas, you can have a wide range of promotional products to choose from. Offering these will let your customers know what your service is all about. It will also help them to distinguish your brand from the others.

2. Provides a cost-effective marketing solution.

Certainly, advertisements are one of the most expensive marketing strategies out there. A single project can take up a huge amount of expenses and even take months to finish.

On the other hand, promotional novelty items can provide a cost-effective marketing solution that you can achieve for a lesser fee and a shorter period of time. Promotional merchandise suppliers can do all the work for you once you let them know all of your product preferences. They also offer a wide range of prices to suit your project marketing budget. With a smart promotional marketing strategy, you can easily increase customer retention without breaking the bank.

3. They are year-round money makers.

Branded novelty items don’t merely rely on retail holidays. Impulse gift purchases happen all the time, and these novelty products make them possible. You can definitely advertise with them all year round!

But of course, you have to be clever enough with the categories you choose for these branded promotional merchandises. The variety of products to choose from is expanding, yet you have to plan carefully, which you will include in a specific marketing campaign. Remember to always look for an engaging and relevant one!

4. A good laugh is the best way to a customer’s heart.

Branded novelty items are usually composed of custom promotional gifts that are quirky and amusing. Including these novelty items in your brand promotions will definitely create a smiling face or a good laugh among your customers. This marketing strategy can evoke the emotions of your target audience and promote optimism. Another incredible opportunity to grow top-of-mind awareness!

Branded Novelty Items As GWP

A GWP is an excellent tool to attract customers and keep them coming back to your store. Including this kind of promotion can help you grow your engagement to your target audiences and drive more sales. Moreover, it will be a great thing for your customers to have more delightful products for their money.

With these branded novelty items, you can offer remarkable and out-of-the-box promotional giveaway gifts to your customers. These are something that people will not buy themselves but would love to receive if offered as a freebie. Start perking up your promotions today with the help of these clever marketing materials!

Our Top 10 Picks of Branded Novelty Items

To further help you with your brand marketing plan, we have listed our top picks of novelty items from our outstanding product ideas.

1. Steampunk Sunglasses

Add quirky, wearable merchandise to your on-pack GWP! These steampunk sunglasses will be definitely perfect for your science enthusiast customers. Lure them out with the quaint and aesthetic features of these sunglasses! Moreover, the impressive 3D Rainbow Kaleidoscope lenses, sleek black frame, and shining compass rose design on either side of each sunglass can keep them stylish and well-equipped accordingly. Interested in producing this promotional item? Quote the product code ODM-3159 in sending us your email!

Branded Novelty Items

2. Ball and Tire-shaped Pen Holders

Looking for a way to dress up usual custom pen holders? Why not try to turn them into a ball or a tire? A promotional item that is perfect for sports fanatics or car lovers, this is certainly a must-have to their working tables. Product code ODM-3368.

Branded Novelty Items

3. Business Card Holders

Keep customers coming with these novelty business card holders! Each cardholder comes in an eccentric design that will definitely turn the heads of shoppers as you made them into in-store displays. It offers your business the opportunity to stand out and extend your brand reach by unconventionally presenting your business card. Apart from what is shown below, there are designs that you can choose from. Liking what you have read so far about this product? Reference code ODM-3371.

Branded Novelty Items

4. Posture Corrector

This sitting posture corrector is definitely a great promotional gift for kids. Kids tend to slouch when they are writing, reading, and doing their assignments. As such, this could be bad for their posture. This branded novelty item comes in an adorable and ergonomic design that will keep them sitting up straight for hours while sitting at their table. Furthermore, this posture corrector is portable which allows users to bring them anywhere at any time. Product code ODM-3496.

Branded Novelty Items

As a promotional product, this can be given away as a free item with school supplies. With your brand printed on the posture corrector, you are guaranteed immense and unlimited brand exposure.

5. Pen with Toppers

Themed promotional products can definitely target consumers of all ages. These pens with toppers can make your customers talk about your brand with their functional and charming features. A wide range of customizable designs are available and you can add your brand elements to them for a distinct look. Clearly, branded novelty pens are high-utilized marketing materials that your customers can see every day and incorporate into their daily lives. Don’t forget to quote the product code ODM-3382 in reaching out to our team!

Branded Novelty Items – Cute Pens

6. Fish Scale Remover

An ideal promotional kitchen product for homemakers, this fish-shaped fish scale remover is a total game-changer. This branded novelty item can definitely cut down prep time and make the task easier. Made from premium plastic material, this fish scale remover saves users from hurting their hands during the process. It is a novelty and innovative item that leaves the traditional scaling method behind. Product code ODM-3584.

Branded Novelty Items

7. Acrylic Slipper Keychains

This particular branded novelty item is a perfect promotional giveaway for the hospitality and sports industry. Hotels, restaurants, and souvenir shops can take advantage of using this marketing tool to spread awareness and attract more customers. Furthermore, it is a great way to remind customers of their wonderful experience and your excellent service. Interested in including these novelty items in your brand promotions? Quote the product code ODM-3594 in sending us your email!

Branded Novelty Items

8. Tire Shaped Flask

Tired of your usual flask? Try this tire-shaped flask out! A brilliant trade show promotional gift for hot beverage-loving speed junkies or off-road fanatics. This tire-shaped flask can notably keep their drink hot for a longer time while on the road. Moreover, they can easily unscrew the top of this tire flask when needing a quick sip. Product code ODM-3347.

Branded Novelty Items

9. Metal Book Holder

Bring nature to the desk of your customers! A superb way to transform their workspace, this novelty metal book holder depicts the silhouette of wondrous scenery. This book holder is made from high-grade metal that makes it sturdy and long-lasting. Undoubtedly, this giveaway gift idea is a must-have for all book lovers and organizing enthusiasts out there! Get this promotional product now! Reference code ODM-3367.

Branded Novelty Items

10. Tool Shaped Pens

Let’s elevate your custom promotional pens with these novelty tool pens! These creative tool pens are made of quality plastic material that exhibits practicality and durability. It can be a great promotional giveaway item for kids to furtherly encourage their interest in manual creation. With these novelty items, you will not just offer an ordinary ballpoint pen but promote a stimulating environment for young learners too. Product code ODM-3771.

Branded Novelty Items

Bringing It All Together…

Novelty is undeniably a hook that catches people’s interests. Once in a while, we need some fresh and unique merchandise to break the mold. Out-of-the-box ideas fill us with wonder and excitement.

Novelty items may look as if they have no particular use rather than decorative but they appeal to the emotions of your target audiences. Catch their eyes, put a smile on their faces, make them laugh. Give them more clever and striking items out of their money. Make your brand memorable.

Show your customers why they should do business with you. Let them know that you aim nothing but to provide them happiness and satisfaction with the quality of your service and promotional items. What are you waiting for? Include these branded novelty items in your campaign today! Don’t forget to quote the product codes mentioned above and let’s start perking up your brand promotions!

The ODM Group offers customization and in-depth design modification for your brand to make them suitable for your marketing campaign’s theme. There are a lot of customization options available, and we can include your brand’s name, logo, or message on each item. Don’t hesitate to tell us what’s on your mind. Let’s work on your ideas and bring them to life!

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