Although Christmas holidays are still quite some time away, now is a good time to plan this into your marketing budget. A special Christmas promotional product targets peak buying time at stores and companies need to plan early.

One interesting product we received enquiry about was on Christmas Knives.  With 1.8mm thickness blade, the knives can be used to cut bread. Not only do they blend in with the festival, it is also useful in the kitchen.

There is also the spreader knife for butter.  Made in similar adorable designs, it will be difficult to not attract people’s attention.  These spreaders will be a good promotional product giveaway for peanut butter, jams, etc…

Attractive brooches and lapel pins like these are great gifts for anyone during Christmas or seasonal holidays.  Pin it up on your coat, bag or collar to decorate and perk up the festive mood. Available in many designs and style, imprints and logos can be easily incorporated into them.

Artificial Christmas trees are the solution to hassle disposal of Christmas trees and thus make a great Green promo.   These artificial Christmas trees are durable – able to withstand the weather and may even last you dozens of seasons.

Available in different designs and sizes, these trees are built to suit your house, hotels, retail shops, etc…  How about this promo for Stella as an on-pack Beer Promo?

Furthermore, decorate and sparkle your tree with these beautiful ornaments. Be spoiled for choices by the wide array of rainbow-colored accessories available. Miniature figurines of Santa Claus, Reindeers, and Sleigh are also great for boosting your tree’s features.

Another must have decoration for the joyous season is Christmas sock. With them hanging over the fireplace or on the walls, gifts can be placed in them and serve as a surprise to children.

These beautifully carved wooden nesting dolls are perfect for occasions such as Christmas. Comes in various sizes, imprint of slogans and logos can be easily added and give away as a unique gift.

This 3D laser engraving crystal article makes an excellent gift for corporations during this festive season. Have your company logo or name engraved in it as well.

Let us know if you have more ideas on promotional products for this Christmas.   Also related are religious promotional products.