Stay Organized and Wired With These PVC Custom Cable Tags !

Tired of your wires being tangled up? Hate the mess? Well, these PVC custom cable tags are your ticket to an uncluttered mess! They make great desk promotional items as well as promote a tidy and organized work environment. These custom cable tags are lightweight, handy, and comes in plenty of colors too.

custom cable tags

Custom Cable Tags

Custom Cable Tags: Features and Benefits 

Companies are quickly expanding by the minute with more employees, leading to an increase in manpower, workspace occupancy, and the use of more resources. Hence, with a proper labeling system put in place with custom cable tags, it not only benefits the company but acts as a great company gift

Easier Identification: 

Companies and users will benefit from increased efficiency and productivity due to easier identification of cables. Time will not be wasted sorting out your desk cables or finding out which power source is down. In addition, when the company starts funding upgrades to your work equipment, it makes upgrades and replacements way more efficient and easier than before. 

custom cable tags

Custom Cable Tags

Heightened Security and Safety:

Through labeling, users have already brought convenience and clarity to their work. Other than that, labeling can heighten security and safety measures. For example, labeling can lead to theft reduction due to visual identification of company cable assets and equipment. Furthermore, it also eliminates interdepartmental movable assets due to monitoring and identification from custom cable tags

Flat Surface:

What makes this custom cable tags special and different from other tags is its additional flat surface tag/marker. Due to its visible wide flat surface, these tags allow easier readability for users. Hence, users are able to write down their preferred identifications and tie them around their cables for labeling. It is that simple!

Finest Material:

There are plenty of different materials when it comes to custom cable tags. Fortunately for you, these custom cable tags are made out of PVC. They are highly resistant to high temperatures and waterproof. Hence, the optimal choice material for labeling due to its flexibility and strong features. 

custom cable tags

Custom Cable Tags

Significant Strength: 

Moreover, these custom cable tags have a considerable high tensile strength. Impressing us yet again with its multifunctional features of not only being able to easily identify and organize cables but hold a load at the same time! Stay worry-free of the custom cable tag breaking as it snuggly wraps around your cable bundles. 

Key Takeaways 

Small, Lightweight, and Handy, Custom Cable Tags are the way to go when it comes to item organization and identification. Employees will definitely love how this product can bring by fewer worries for them. Do not underestimate the value of these tags and how labeling greatly improves efficiency and the aesthetics of your work environment.

Furthermore, the possibilities are endless when it comes to customizing your very own custom cable tags. You can brand your company logo through printing to raise brand awareness!

custom cable tags

Custom Cable Tags

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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a cable tag?

Cable tags are used to identify bundles of power cables, grounding wires, data center cabling, and more. They should be made using a thermal transfer printer and be never hand-printed.

What are the different types of cable marking?

The different types of cable marking consists of Shrink tube labels, Self-laminating cable wraps, and Rectangular labels with overlaminate.

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