If your company focuses on fruit-based beverages or food, then don’t miss this post. Here we have collected some original promotional products that you can use in your on pack promos or giveaways to stand out from the competition. These creative and unique ideas will surely prove effective for your brand.

If you are looking for a practical promotional item with a high perceived value, then have a look at this berry-shaped mini vacuum cleaner. Whether you would like to get rid of the cigarette ash or dust on the office table or to clean your car’s interior, this funny-looking dust collector will come in handy.

Berry-Saped Mini Vacuum Cleaner

Searching for some promotional gifts that will be more complementary to your company products? We have several solutions for you: fruit straws if you manufacture beverages (affordable and easy to produce, though not durable), specially designed bowls for food companies (those will last significantly longer), ice trays would be nice for both industries (and long-lasting as well).

Fruit Straws

Fruit Design Bowls Promotional Ice Tray

Another practical item, though not as expensive as a vacuum cleaner. A silicon key holder – compact, useful, customizable and still quite affordable.

Promotional Key Holder

For those companies who would like to appeal to white collar workers, there are some good promotional ideas as well. For instance, they can consider fruit -shaped business card holders or post-it notes.

Fruity Promotional Post-It Notes Promotional Business Card Holder

If your target audience is children (or better say their parents), the following items might be interesting for you:

Strawberry-Shaped Magnetic Writing Board With Pen Strawberry-Shaped Table-and-Chair Set Strawberry-Shaped Inflatable Matress

All three items are durable, and being branded they will provide a free advertising in the long run.

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