The Guinness World Records Day celebrates ordinary people around the world doing extraordinary things.  It is tentatively booked on 11th November 2010. ODM would now like to invite clients (especially charities and non-profits) to partner with us to beat a record this year.   We now have 7 months to plan and brainstorm.

This is a day to encourage people to reach into their imaginations and attempt to break their own Guinness World Record.   It is sponsored by Guinness World Records, the universally recognized authority on record-breaking achievement.

The Guinness World Records book, published since 1955, reached its own milestone in 2004 when it sold its 100 millionth copy. For more information on this special day, contact a regional Guinness World Records office. Web: (Facebook link ) (Update – did not manage it this year – hope 2011 is our year.)

Below are pictures from the Childrens lifeline duck race a few years back.  Our HK promo team worked on this a few years ago and hope it can bring inspiration.  Was a spectacular day…