Just 1 month away and celebrated on the 13th of August every year, Left Hander’s Day is a very special occasion for left-hand dominant people. Lefties around the world organise events such as public speeches. Advantages and disadvantages of a land-handers are shared to increase public awareness. There are even events like “Lefty Zone”, where admission is allowed only to lefties.

This world is built for right-handers, so use this day for a special promotional products campaign on creativity, seeing the world differently and understanding others.

Some of the items below would work for Left hander’s day promo –  be adventurous and try something out of the norm. Put your creativity to the test!

  • This reversed blade scissors is ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort for left-handers. A clean cut indeed!
  • Opening a can prove tricky for left-handers. Gripping and turning a right-hand tin opener is tougher than one can imagine. Work your way with this fully reversed designed opener.
  • Having trouble cutting your food? This knife with reversed serration will solve your problems.