Project Description

Soap Box for Marketing

What : A soapbox is a particular platform that is used by people to stand on when giving an impromptu speech. This is often the case to speak regarding a political matter.
Soapboxes earned its name because of old trade history, when wooden crates used to deliver soaps (and other dry goods)  were made as platforms for speakers to stand on.

Why : To have a unique Marketing platform for events.  At these events clients and employees would also receive branded gifts.

Product Specifications : ODM Manufactures a large Wooden Box with bright pint paint – in this case a color scheme of white and blue.  Assembled with Nails and glue.  Small quantities 1-5 pcs possible….

Mechanisms : Advertising Display

Other projects : Keyrings, Plushtoys, Wireless Chargers, Cushions, USB

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