With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, many countries currently are in lockdown and people are advised to stay at home. Gyms and other sports recreational facilities are closed as well to avoid forming potential clusters and protect residents. Due to this, many people are now doing home workouts and using simple gym equipment, such as resistance bands, yoga balls, and mats. A custom ab wheel is a great item to offer as a branded promotional gift for your customers!

custom Ab wheel

Custom Ab Wheel

Why A Custom Ab Wheel?

A Great Exercise Equipment

It is a great workout gadget for users to train the entire core – the abs, glutes, lower back muscles, and obliques. It also gives the back a good stretch. People should not miss this equipment out! We think that customers will like to have this product to use for their home workout.

However, when using the product, rolling out may be tricky at first. Also, there are some areas to look out for when using it to avoid injuring oneself. It is advised for users to look up at tutorials on how to use it.

Easy to Assemble

custom Ab wheel

custom Ab wheel

The gadget has a few parts to it, the handle, wheel, and bar, so the user will not have trouble assembling it.


They are low-cost to manufacture as they are made of ABS plastic, PVC Foam, and Stainless Steel. Hence, make a cost-effective branded promotional merchandise for you.

custom Ab wheel

custom Ab wheel


custom Ab wheel

custom Ab wheel

You can customise this product by having your brand logo on them. They will be shown on both sides of the handles. This is a great promotional product if you are looking for something specialized! Also, this can also help you spread more brand awareness.

Employee Well-Being Initiative

They make great well-being gifts for your employees.

custom Ab wheel

custom Ab wheel

Encouraging sport/fitness sessions during lunch breaks is a great well-being initiative you can implement in your office. This can lead to higher productivity. Your employees can feel better after doing some exercise as endorphins are produced in large quantities. Not only will this help improve their physical health, but it can also help build good office camaraderie.

A custom ab wheel is a great item for them to have in their office desk. Also, it is small and compact, so it will not take up too much space.

Our Takeaways

Overall, a custom ab wheel is a great promotional giveaway for your company, your customers will find it very useful to have at home. In addition, it is a great gift for your employees to boost morale and can be a good well-being initiative in the office.

If you are interested in a custom ab wheel for your next promotional gift, feel free to contact us, and quote the code ODM-2981.


How We Can Help

We specialise in producing custom promotional merchandise for international clients and have years of experience in the promotional product industry. We offer a broad range of services, from product design, sourcing, sampling, auditing, quality control to shipping. Plus, looking for very specialised products, our in-house design team can assist you with promotional product design and product deck creation.

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